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2019年,高考,英语,一轮,复习,1.1Friendship,测,含,1.1 Friendship
I 语言知识及应用 (共两节,满分45分)
第一节 完形填空【北京市丰台区2018届高三5月综合练习(二模)】(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)  阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出最佳选项。
A Good Man
It’s a late Saturday afternoon in early March, and I am sweating in search of the only gift my son wants from Los Angeles: a ___1___ to the homes of the stars such as Brad Pitt and Jet Li.
A cheerful taxi driver says, “No problem. Map sellers are everywhere。” When the taxi stops, a fellow ___2___ with a thin folded sheet and says: “Ten dollars.”
Ten dollars。 With absolute ___3___, I inform him, “That’s too much.” The map man leaves. I begin walking, certain I’ll find a (an)____4__ star map soon.
I am ___5___. There’s hardly anybody on the street. There don’t seem to be many real stores, just cars and bars. No maps. No stars. Blocks pass. The sun begins to sink. At the edge of West Hollywood,___6___ fellow wanders ahead, selling star maps to some teenage girls.
Ten dollars ___7___. Forget it. My son will ___8___.
That night, I call my wife. “Did you get one of those maps to the stars? He’s been talking about ___9___ else.”
This ___10___ is hard to ignore, It’s late. At all-night markets: no maps. I head back to the hotel. Morning is coming. There will be one last ___11___. After I check out, I take a taxi. But at nine in the morning, map sellers are ___12___ to be found.
“You know,” says the driver, “The guys with the maps just ain’t up yet。
” He’s right.
“Forget it. Let’s go to the airport.”
“Well,” says the driver, “I could ___13___ you one if you like.”
Sure. Trust this guy? I might as well throw cash onto the freeway. But exiting the taxi, I ___14___ my last chance. I hand him $$13 and my business card. Three weeks pass. I’ve ___15___ on the star map. My son has stopped mentioning it.
Then one afternoon, sticking out from under piles of flyers, there it is: a big white envelope. There is a small note. I can hardly read it,___16___ I make out a few phrases一“forgive ___17___,” “taxi’s been down” and, finally, “here’s map for your son.” There’s no return address. It’s signed, “kind regards, M.”
I hold the note in my hand,___18___ what my son said to me when I got back from Los Angeles.
“Did you meet any ___19___, Dad?” he asked.
Now I know what to tell him.
“Yes, I did. I met a guy named M.”
If you never __20____ anybody, you’ll never find the good guys.
1.A. decoration        B. map            C. book            D. symbol
2.A. argues            B. requests        C. competes        D. approaches
3.A. assurance        B. permission        C. anxiety        D. bargain
4.A. perfect            B. inexpensive      C. proper            D. detailed
5.A. shocked            B. confused        C. impatient        D. wrong
6.A. one            B. some            C. another        D. either
7.A. still            B. even            C. almost            D. yet
8.A. believe            B. regret            C. understand        D. admit
9.A. anything        B. everything        C. something        D. nothing
10.A. idea            B. news            C. change            D. reason
11.A. try            B. journey        C. action            D. minute
12.A. everywhere    B. somewhere        C. anywhere        D. nowhere
13.A. give            B. mail            C. show            D. spare
14.A. create            B. recognize        C. deserve        D. blow
15.A. given up        B. thrown doubts     C. refused offers     D. dropped in
16.A. and            B. or            C. but            D. for
17.A. fault            B. delay            C. carelessness      D. rudeness
18.A. remembering    B. reminding        C. reviewing        D. realizing
19.A. admirers        B. friends            C. stars            D. heroes
20.A. look up to        B. turn to            C. have faith in      D. agree with


1.考查名词。A. decoration装饰;B. map地图;C. book书;D. symbol符号。这是一张通往明星家庭的地图,比如Brad Pitt 和Jet Li。结合第2段中的“No problem. Map sellers are everywhere。

4.考查形容词。A. perfect完美的;B. inexpensive不昂贵的;C. proper适当的;D. detailed细节的。我开始步行,肯定很快就会找到便宜的明星地图。根据上文的“That’s too much.”故B选项切题。
5.考查形容词。A. shocked震惊的;B. confused困惑的;C. impatient不耐烦的;D. wrong错误的。我想错了。
根据下句There’s hardly anybody on the street.“大街上几乎没有人”,故D项切题。
A. one一个人;B. some一些;C. another另一个;D. either两者中的一个。在好莱坞西部边缘,另一个人走在前面,向一些十几岁的女孩兜售明星地图。
7.考查副词。A. still仍然;B. even甚至;C. almost几乎;D. yet然而。仍然是10美元。根据上文Ten dollars。故A项切题。
8.考查动词。A. believe相信;B. regret遗憾;C. understand明白,理解;D. admit承认。

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