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Going out guide R&B: Melanie Fiona Known for such songs as" It Kills Me" and "This Time", R&B singer Melanie Fiona made her first musical album(唱片)in 2009 with "The Bridge" and followed it up with "The MF Life" in 2012.A new album, "Next Train, " is planned to drop this year. 8pm, Feb 13. Howard Theatre. 202-803-2899. ﹩30- ﹩59.99. Ballet: John Cranko's"Romeo &Juliet" Celebrated South African choreograhper(编舞者)John Cranko created the dance inspired by Shakespeare's lovers with a score by Sergei Prokofiev. The production was first performed in the United States in 1969 and returns to the Kennedy Center under the artistic direction of Julie Kent. Feb. 14-18. Kennedy Center. 202-467-4600. ﹩25-﹩160. Exhibit(展览):" Brand New: Art and Commodity(商品)in the 1980s" This exhibit shows the commodification of artin the 1980s, when trade, art and entertainment became unclear. The exhibit shows works by 68 artists, including Jeff Koons, Barbara Kruger and Julia Wachtel. Feb. 14 through May 13. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. 202-633-1000. Free R&B: Valentines Love Jam R&B artists are known for some of our most beloved(喜爱的) love songs, and the performers lined up for this show are no exception. Singer-songwriters Tyrese ("Sweet Lady") and Joe("I Wanna Know") join forces with SWV("Weak"), Dru Hill("Beauty") and Next(" Wifey")for this show. 8pm, Feb. 17. Eaglebank Arena. 703-493-4000. ﹩59-﹩99.
1. Which number should you call if you are interested in dance。 ______
A. 202-803-2899    B. 202-467-4600    C. 202-633-1000    D. 703-493-4000
2. Where can people enjoy a free show。
A. Howard TheatreB. Kennedy CenterC. Eagle Bank ArenaD. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden
3. When can you attend a love song concert。 ______
A. Feb.13    B. Feb.14    C. Feb.17    D. Feb. 18
For the past few months,my three-year-old daughter has spent an hour every week learning a foreign language. She walks into a small room in a local school, where she and a handful of three and four-year-olds spend the next hour dancing to "La Vaca Lola",a song about a Spanish cow, creating finger puppets(木偶)to voice what they like and don,t like (me gusta, no me gusta) and shouting out which animals are big (grande) or small (pequeno). She tells us little about the classes. In fact, for the first few weeks, nothing at all. I begin to wonder if it.was a huge mistake (each lesson works out at about £9)but then I show her "La Vaca Lola" on YouTube. She shouts vaca with enthusiasm and with what I hope is a Spanish accent. The wisn to enroll(使…加入)her in language lessons came,like most things,gradually and then in a sudden rush. In my day job, I read and edit stories about the Chinese economy. For a long time,I felt that it would be good for her to learn another language but I had no great plan as to when. Then I read Edward Luce's The Retreat of Western Liberalism and all my thoughts and worry about the economy combined into a panic. Waking in a sweat, it seemed obvious that if my daughter was to have any kind of future, she would have to learn another language. Ideally (理想地)9 immediately. I thought about Mandarin Chinese,one of the top 10 languages most important for our future, according to the British Council (others include Arabic, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian,Dutch and Japanese). But there were no classes for young children nearby・ There were, however, local Spanish classes--the number-one language on the list. When she started to sing "Incy Wincy Spider" in Spanish and English一helped by a Spanish nursery worker一our decision was made.
4. What can we learn about the author's daughter from the first paragraph。
A. She uses finger puppets to make her voice heard.B. She is the oldest student in her Spanish class.C. She learns Spanish by dancing to songs.D. She has learnt Spanish for one month.
5. How did the author feel about her daughter's class at first。
A. Proud.    B. Surprised.    C. Delighted・    D. Doubtful.
6. Why did the author ask her daughter tb learn a foreign language。 ______
A. To prepare her for the coming school education.B. To equip her for her future.C. To encourage her to have belief in herself・D. To develop her interest in singing.
7. What made the author decide to enroll her daughter in Spanish lessons。 ______
A. Her performance.    B. Her great interest.C. The nursery worker's suggestion.    D. The fast-growing economy.
"You know, the soft subjects," says the boy in maths. "The easy ones:the stupid girls at the bottom take them・ Like dance・ It shouldn't even be a subject. " We,re choosing subjects for our A- level taster day at school. I see the raised eyebrows (眉毛)when I explain two of my GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) choices are dance and drama(戏剧). I was told by advisers that dance and drama wouldn't help me to get a suitable career・ My friends told me Fd get bored of dance and switch to science within the first month. But taking GCSE dance was the best decision I ever made・ Dance gives me something to pour my head and heart into. It gives me a feeling of belonging, creativity, security and freedom・ The education secretary Nicky Morgan has put emphasis on (强调)science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), saying that students who focus on the arts risk their careers・ Stopping young people from expressing themselves at such a young age is not doing them any favours. Perhaps Nicky Morgan has forgotten to open the door of having a drive to study that subject day in,day out. It shouldn't matter what that subject is. I don't doubt the influence that STEM subjects can have on the people that love them. But to force children into one field is cruel. As much as I try, Um not good at and donlove physics, biology or ma ths. I don't want a career in these areas. There has been a decrease in the number of state schools offering arts subjects taught by specialist teachers. I can't even imagine how it feels to be told that you don't teach a "real subject" by an 8-year-old boy. To the teachers,the parents,the government I say:Let children make their own decisions. Let them live in the present・ Let them have a real, unlimited education.
8. How does the boy in maths feel about dance。
A. Useless.    B. Difficult.    C. Beautiful.    D. Important.
9. After the author took GCSE dance,she ______ .
A. lost interest in it    B. kept her mind on itC. turned to other subjects    D. struggled with Her lessons
10. What do we know about Nicky Morgan。 ______
A. She encourages students to learn soft subjects.B. She suggests students take a risk in their careers.C. She underlines the importance of STEM subjects.D. She allows students to express themselves freely.
11. What's the present situation of arts subjects。 ______
A. They attract much attention worldwide.B. They are taught by non-professionals.C. They are considered less important.D. They have made great progress.
Some years ago, Michel-Andre found himself staring at the body of a dead whale on a beach in the Canary Islands・ It was obvious that the animal had been struck violently by a ship--but why。 Only later,after surveying the whales which lived in the area and measuring the increase of sound pollution from ships did it become clear that there was a link. The whales had become desensitised to the noise of approaching boats and were being struck by them,often seriously. "We never thought that this could be something that could kill," recalls (回忆)Andre, who is the director of the Laboratory of Applied Bioacoustics at the Technical University of Catalonia, Barcelona. Andre has spent 20 years developing an advanced system to better understand why incidents like this happen. His underwater microphones have exposed a world of deafening sound and animal communication never observed with such clarity (清晰)before. It was not an easy task. Sound waves don't travel through water in the uniform, predictable way they do through the air. Instead,the temperature,salinity (盐度)and, flow of water have great effects on their path. What can be done。
One solution is to change shipping routes to courses where ships are statistically less likely to meet animals. It's also possible to slow ships down to 18km/h or less, which is less likely to seriously injure a whale. As for dealing with the root cause of the problem, the UN's International Maritime Organisation has already published guidelines on how to quieten ships,but it will be a while before the effects of such changes might be observed. "The ocean is not our world," comments Andre. But it is ours to look after. And thanks to his work,we can better understand the effects of subsea sound pollution.
12. What does the underlined word "desensitised" in Paragraph 2 mean。 ______
A. Stubborn.    B. Flexible.    C. Dull.    D. Friendly.
13. What's one way to solve the problem according to the text。 ______
A. To lower the speed of ships.B. To reduce the number of ships.C. To set up preserves under the sea.D. To give the injured animals timely treatment.
14. What is the author's attitude towards what Michel Andre has done。
A. Doubtful.    B. Disapproving.    C. Positive.    D. Uncaring.
15. What is the text mainly about。
A. A great expert.    B. Noise in the sea.C. Animals in the sea.    D. Sea exploration technology.
Lizzy Greene's official website says it all :"Actress, Artist & Animal Lover. " At 13 , Lizzy has performed in children's theater, and she is a trained gymnast. She is most known for her role as Dawn Harper on Nickelodeons Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. Now Lizzy is taking on another role--as a voice for animals. (1) She grew up with dogs, and her family's pet is a 110-pound German shepherd(牧羊犬) named Jett. On the show, Lizzy shares the screen with a lovable 20-pound dog named Squishy Paws. In second grade, she stationed herself outside her school to ask for donations (捐款)to a local animal shelter・ (2) Now Lizzy is also speaking out for farm animals. She,s recently joined The Humane Society of the United States,Meatless Monday movement. She encourages young people to take a break from eating meat on Mondays. (3) And she's encouraging the under-20 crowd to take part. Lizzy knows that raising animals for meat causes pollution,uses a lot of natural resources (资源)like water and also harms animals. (4) Choosing meat-free meals one day a week is also a great way to feel healthy. Many K-12 schools, universities and hospitals nationwide have started Meatless Monday programs. "It's so easy to love animals." Lizzy says. (5) For some kid-and-animal-friendly meatless recipes(食谱), visit humonesociety. org/kindnezws. A.It's easy to eat animal-friendly foods,too. B.Lizzy has only just begun her bright career. C.Animals have always been a big part of Lizzy's life. D.And Lizzy says she has always wanted to help animals. E.Cutting meat from our diet once a week helps the environment-and animals. F.Kids' breakfast can be as simple as trying a vegetable burger instead of a hamburger. G.After the movement, Lizzy says she wants to save a few more lives and force humans to eat healthier.。

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