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邀请函英语作文高考 【篇一:高考英语作文邀请信】 一 文章结构 1. (自我介绍)活动名称+发出邀请 2. 活动具体内容和安排 3. 参加活动能给受邀人(邀请人)带来的好处 4. 表明期待以及联系方式 二 常用句型 the...will be held on .... the activity is in honor of .... you can also bring ...together with you. may i have the honor of your accompany at dinner? we sincerely/ faithfully hope you can attend... you will be my most respected guest to come to ... please confirm your participation at your earliest convenience. please let me know soon if you decide to come. i shall be much obliged by a reply at your convenience. 三 模板 dear___, ____________(活动的主题、时间、地点). i am writing to invite you to______. the are some points you may want to know about_______. / during the ________, we will have lots of activities you are interested in. first, ________(具体内容1). second, ___________(具体内容2). i believe that you will be interested in _________(受邀人参加理由). for one thing, _________(参加理由1). for another, _________(参加理由2) since the ______will begin _______, is it possible __________? i am looking forward to your attending. 四 高考满分作文

(2010全国)假如你是育才中学学生会主席李华,你校将举办一次英语演讲比赛,希望附近某大学外籍教师smith 女士来做评委。请参照以下比赛通知给她写一封信。 英语演讲比赛 主题:人与自然 时间:6月15日下午
5:00 地点:501教室 参赛选手:10名学生 联系人:李华(电话:44876655) dear , i sincerely hope you can set aside some time for our english speech contest and be a judge. the contest, the theme of which is “man and nature”, will be held in the room 501 from
2:00 to
5:00 on the afternoon of june 15. what’s more, there will be ten students taking part in it. i am sure that it will be a great success if you can give us some precious remarks. i would appreciate it if you could accept my invitation. my telephone number is 44876655. i am looking forward to your reply. with best wishes, li hua 五 practices: 1. 假如你叫李华, 你所在的学校拟在下个月举办美国电影节(american film festival)。请你根据以下要点给你的美国朋友peter 写一封短信,邀请他给学生做一次讲座。信的主要内容包括: 1. 讲座目的: 使学生对美国电影有所了解; 2. 讲座内容: 简要介绍美国电影业的历史; 3. 讲座时间:1小时30分钟左右 注意:1. 可适当增加细节,使结构完整; 2. 词数150左右。

2015高考英语作文预测之邀请参加欢送会(邀请函) 假定你是李华,你的一位美国朋友jane在中国学习中文两年,即将回国。
现在由你给她发e-mail,邀请她参加为她举办的欢送会,要点如下: (1)祝贺她顺利通过考试,她的学习进步很大,为她骄傲; (2)感谢她帮助你们学习英语; (3)时间:星期六晚六点; (4)地点:阳光俱乐部(the sun club)302房间; (5)路线:在你所住宾馆门口乘坐332路公共汽车可直达。 注意: (1)须包括以上主要内容,可以适当增加细节,使内容连贯; (2)词数:100左右。开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 (3)参考词汇:欢送会 farewell party dear jane,congratulations on your passing all the exams. ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ yours faithfully, li hua
【构思点拨】写邀请函时一方面需要说明邀请理由,另 一方面要把活动的时间、地点、乘车路线等细节问题一定要交代清楚。

【参考范文】 dear jane, congratulations on your passing all the exams. i am delighted you have really made great progress in your two years of studying in china. all you have gained is the result of your hard work. we are proud of you and we all appreciate your help with our english well always remember the wonderful time we spent together.

its pity that you have to go back soon。 so a farewell party for you will be held in room 302 in the sun club this saturday evening. could you come by
6:00 p.m.? well have dinner together. by the way,you may take bus no. 332 in front of your hotel and it will take you directly to the club. i wish you success and fulfillment in the years ahead。 yours faithfully, li hua
【篇三:英语作文邀请信】 邀请信范文四篇 结构要点: 邀请信是邀请收信人参加某项活动的书信,包含三个方面: 1.邀请对方参加活动的内容、时间和地点; 2.与该活动有关的注意事项; 3.期待对方接受邀请,并可表示感谢。 语言注意点: 邀请信叙事一定要清楚、明白。如写给朋友,可选用活泼、真诚的言辞;如写给长辈、上级、名人等,语言则应正式、礼貌。 directions: write a letter to one of your high school classmates who is in a nearby city, and invite him/her to your city at this weekend. some necessary details must be included. do not sign your own name at the end of your letter, using “li ming” instead. sample
1: dear linda, we haven’t seen each other for six years after graduation. i am so glad to hear that you have graduated from ucla and come back to work in suzhou. if you are free this saturday, please come to shanghai and have a good time with me. we can first go to the century park, where the flowers are all in blossom. let’s go boating on the lake—isn’t it pleasant in the cool breeze? then i will treat you to dinner at a western restaurant on huaihai road—it is small but really nice—i’m sure you will enjoy it. after dinner, let’s go to a concert—you are a music lover, aren’t you?

if you couldn’t come, please notify me before friday. if you can, please tell me which train you will take and i will meet you at the railway station. i am looking forward to meeting you. sincerely yours, li ming sample
2: directions: for this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter. suppose you are zhang yu. write a letter to invite your friend to china to celebrate the spring festival – chinese lunar new year with you. you should write at least 150 words according to the suggestion given below in chinese:



dear peter: i am more than delighted to invite you to join us to celebrate the spring festival – chinese lunar new year. similar to the importance of the christmas day for the westerners, the spring festival is the most important celebration for chinese people. because of its incomparable status, people carry out a variety of activities across the country to welcome the spring festival. the whole family having reunion dinner together is indispensable. according to the traditional custom, the ways of the spring festival celebration include lion dances, temple fairs, festive lanterns and so on. you can select some folk handicrafts at temple fairs and present them to your friends. i will teach you how to make dumplings you are eager to learn. by the way, you can partner with me to have a try in lion dances. it’s so exciting。 and the grand lantern festival parade will be bound to impress you. i look forward to seeing you in nan jing before new year’s eve-the climax of celebration. sincerely yours, zhang yu sample
3: directions:

write a letter to invite a famous professor to give a lecture to the english postgraduate students in your university. some necessary details must be included. do not sign your own name at the end of your letter, using “li ming” instead. dear professor michael hutchison, we are very glad to hear that you are attending an international conference in beijing. we are writing this letter to inquire the possibility of inviting you to deliver a lecture on american literature for our postgraduate students on the evening of june 16. we have long been noticed that you have done a lot of substantial and creative work in this field. two of your books have become textbooks for our students for several years. so all of us believe your lecture will benefit our students and teaching staff alike. if you can manage to come, please tell us the number of your flight and we will meet you at the airport. if you can’t make it, please also let us know. we are looking forward to your coming. sincerely yours, li ming sample:
4: directions: suppose you are the dean of the history department, peking university. you want to invite professor herb jason, a well-known scholar of chinese history, to come toattend an international conference on chinese history. you’ll cover the following points: 1. the purpose of the invitation 2. the time and place of the conference 3. ask him a favor of presenting a lecture to your students during his stay write your letter in no less than 150 words. do not sign your own name at the end of the letter; use “li ming” instead. you do not need to write the address。 dear professor herb jason, i am li ming, the dean of the history department, peking university. i am writing to invite you to participate in an international conference which is to be held in beijing from 22nd to 25th, july, 2009。

since your visit in beijing last year, all the teachers that attended your lecture have been deeply impressed with your thorough knowledge and profound understanding of the subject. it would be our great honor if you could come to attend the international conference on chinese history. if possible, would you please deliver /address a speech on whatever subject that interests you. enclosed in this letter is a time schedule for the event. you would, of course, receive our standard honorarium to cover traveling and other expenses. when you arrive in beijing, i will certainly meet you at the airport。
please let me know your date of arrival if you can come and tell us when you can make the trip. if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. look forward to your favorable reply。 yours sincerely,


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