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[摘要] 目的:建立HPLC法测定匹可硫酸钠片中匹可硫酸钠的含量。方法:采用高效液相色谱法,选用C18色谱柱,以磷酸盐缓冲液(pH值7.0)-乙腈(75∶25)为流动相,流速 1.0 ml/min,检测波长263 nm,进样量20 μl,柱温25℃。
结果:匹可硫酸钠在溶液浓度为0.06~0.14 mg/ml之间时,线性关系良好(r=0.999 8)。低 、中、高浓度的平均回收率为99.53%,RSD为0.24%(n=9)。

[关键词] 匹可硫酸钠;片剂;高效液相色谱法;含量测定
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Determination of sodium picosulfate in the Sodium Picosulfate Tablets by HPLC
ZHU Guofeng
Furen Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd, Luyi477200, China
[Abstract] Objective: To establish an HPLC method for the determination of sodium picosulfate in the Sodium Picosulfate Tablets. Methods: HPLC was employed by using C18 as the column and phosphate buffer(pH=7.0)-acetonitrile(75∶25) as the mobile phase. Flow rate was 1.0 ml/min; the detection wavelength was 263 nm and the column temperature was 25℃; Sample volume was 20 μl. Results: A good linearity for sodium picosulfate was obtained in the range from 0.06-0.14 mg/ml (r=0.999 8). The average recoveries of low, medium and high concentrations was 99.53%, with RSD 0.24% (n= 9). Conclusion: The method is simple and fast, the results are accurate and reproducible for the determination of the Sodium Picosulfate Tablets.。


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