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中国15个城市英语介绍2 中国的英文

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文档 陕 西: 西 安--丝绸之路的起点,世界历史名城,华夏精神故乡 1.简介 Xi'an, the historical city, was called Chang'an in ancient times, and is now the capital of Shaanxi province. Xi'an is situated in the center of Weihe Plain with the towering and verdant Mt. Qinling in the south, with the meandering and rolling Beishan mountain system in the north and eight rivers around it, all of which are at Guang Zhong Plain 2.标志性建筑 古城墙 The City Wall of Xi'an is one of oldest existing Chinese city wall. It is based in Xi'an, an ancient capital of China. 钟楼 China's largest and most magnificent building, the best preserved Ming Dynasty architecture. 大雁塔 As the symbol of the old-line Xian, Big Wild Goose Pagoda is a well-preserved ancient building and a holy place for Buddhists. It is located in the southern suburb of Xian City, about 4 kilometers (2.49 miles) from the downtown of the city. Standing in the Da Ci'en Temple complex, it attracts numerous visitors for its fame in the Buddhist religion, its simple but appealing style of construction, and its new square in front of the temple. It is rated as a National Key Cultural Relic Preserve as well as an AAAA Tourist Attraction. 大唐芙蓉园 Tang Paradise (Tang Paradise) Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi'an, the ancient capital of the side, is China's first large-scale all-round display style of the Tang Dynasty imperial garden-style cultural theme park. 小雁塔 The Small Wild Goose Pagoda is located in the Jianfu Temple . It’s one kilometer south from the downtown area . The Small Wild Goose Pagoda was built in Tang Dynast. It has fifteen storey and it’s about forty-five meters above ground . In 1555 , there was an earthquak in Huaxian of this province . As a result , the top two storeys of the pagoda were destroyed. The present structure has only thirteen storeys . There is a story about the small wild goose pagoda . 3.传统文化

文档 秦腔--国家级非物质文化遗产 Popular in Shaanxi and northwestern Shaanxi and other places, also known as Luan Tan, also known as "Bangzi." 长安画派 Chinese painting in the Chang school of painting, originated in the relationship before the Han Dynasty in shadow, puppet show from the Western Zhou Dynasty in Shaanxi and color rich Huxian peasant paintings of Zhong Kui Zhong Kui paintings are all hometown Xi'an culture are an important part. 4.旅游景点 秦始皇兵马俑 The Terracotta Army (Chinese: 兵马俑; Pinyin: Bīng Mǎ Yǒng; literally "military servants") or Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses is a collection of 8,099 life-size terra cotta figures of warriors and horses located in the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor (秦始皇陵; Qín Shǐ Huáng Líng). The figures were discovered in 1974 near Xi'an, Shaanxi province. 西岳华山 Huashan has historically been a place of retreat for hardy hermits, whether Daoist, Buddhist or other; access to the mountain was only deliberately available to the strong-willed, or those who had found 'the way'. With greater mobility and prosperity, Chinese, particularly students, began to test their mettle and visit in the 80s. 阿房宫遗址 Epang Palace was built during the Qin Dynasty (BC 221 – BC206) but it turns out the builders never got further than the front hall. There is no evidence that other parts of it were destroyed. Legend has it that Xiang Yu, a nobleman attempting to overthrow the authority of Qin, set Epang Palace on fire. Since this cannot be the case, archeologists have suggested the palace Xiang Yu destroyed was in fact Xianyang palace. 5.陕西小吃 羊肉泡馍 乾州锅盔 秦镇凉皮 Biángbiang面 重 庆: 1.简介 ChongQing is in the south of China. ChongQing is in the center zone of

文档 Yangtze River Three Gorges .The acreage of Chongqing is 82400 square kilometer and the whole acreage is double than the whole acreage of TianJing BeiJing and it is the largest city in are more than 31000000 people in proportion of minority is 5.7%.The climate in ChongQing is Sub-tropical monsoon 's more, There are 13 sections 18 counties and 5 self-governing counties in ChoinQing. 3.旅游观光 具有三千年悠久历史的重庆旅游资源丰富,即有集山、水、林、泉、瀑、峡、洞等为一体的壮丽自然景色,又有熔巴渝文化、民族文化、移民文化、三峡文化、陪都文化、都市文化于一炉的浓郁文化景观。 长江三峡 The Yangtse Three Gorges , one of Chinese 10 big scenery famous places for scenery or historical relics, of Chinese 40 nice tours landscape. Stretch from the west of Chongqing Feng Jie Bai Di town to the east of Hubei Yi Chang City moist the Yangtse Three Gorges south turn off , the umbrella name being gazing alarmedly pond gorge , Wu Xia and Xiling Gorge three section of canyon, are 192 kilometres be elegant strange magnificent landscape gallery , the overall length most on the Yangtse River , are just "big Three Gorges " often speaking. 磁器口 Ciqikou town located 14 km west of Chongqing banks of the Jialing River. Self-evident, since the Qing Dynasty Ciqikou town famous Bashu earth. The past here is a thriving land and sea terminals, goods distribution center for the Jialing River downstream. The Millennium unchanged by the rich simplicity of the palaeowind and make it become the epitome of the ancient city of Chongqing Jiangzhou and symbolic. 大足石刻 Dazu Stone Carvings are located in the country of Dazu, about 120 km away from carving work began in late Tang Dynasty and saw its hey day in the Song are over 60,000 statues altogether and they are in 40 places of Dzau County. 白帝城 The Baidi City was said to be built by Gongsun Shu, an official turned soldier, as the site of his headquarters durissng the end of the Western Han Dynasty. 解放碑 By the end of 1997, the jiangbei district built commercial walk street,

文档 and around about 1 square kilometers, within the scope of implementation create "the west street" and "the central business district of chongqing city. 4.文化艺术 川剧 Sichuan Opera is the treasure house of Chinese opera in a Guangcaizhaoren the pearl. It has a long history of keeping the fine traditions of a lot of repertoire, and rich melodies and superb performing arts. It is Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Southwest China province a few people happy to see news of folk art. Tune in opera, Sichuan Opera is by Gao Qiang, Kunqiang and Huqin cavity, such as weak cavity Tune plus a four Taiwanese folk opera composed of lights. In addition to the five types of lights Xiwai are from the late Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, by the middle of the troupe has imported from other provinces of Sichuan. 铜梁龙灯 Lanterns of various shapes and sizes are hung in the streets, attracting countless visitors. Children will hold self-made or bought lanterns to stroll with on the streets, extremely excited. " 5.饮食特色 火锅 酸辣粉 毛血旺 浙 江: 杭 州 1.简介 Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province in East China, is one of the more modern and prosperous cities in China, about 100 kilometers (60 miles) southwest of Shanghai. It sits at the southern end of the Grand Canal and is one of China's seven ancient national capitals 2.市花市树 桂 花 香 樟 杭州市市标 3.旅游景点 杭州区域 西湖 West Lake in Hangzhou, south of the Five Dock Yunqi, the Hollywood landscape of wooded hills, Bamboo-shaded, streams Ding Dong. very cool. Penny Yunxi one kilometer long track flanked by Bamboo-shaded, meandering paths depth murmur Qingxi according trails, Jiao graceful blend of birds from the forest out, and the whole environment was quiet cool and downtown,

文档 particularly Health and fitness feel relaxed. Shuangxin excitement 钱塘江 The Qiantang River , the ancient times call Zhejiang , the river , Luo stop gradually the Jiang He Zhi river, is motherland southeast famous river , maximal river of Zhejiang Province , famous scenic spot of Hangzhou. Qiantang River overall length the river basin covers an area of 48887 square kilometers 605 kilometres, flow throught Hang Zhou City gate following pouring into the Hangzhou bay. 千岛湖 The Fuchun River-Xin'an River-Qiandao Lake scenic area is a picturesque waterway. As long as 300 kilometers, it covers more than 1100 square kilometers. With numerous tourist attractions, its scenery is especially enchanting. 灵隐寺 The Lingyin Monastery, or the Monastery of Soul's Retreat, is a famous historical site of the West Lake. Here exists the Lingyin Monastery, a famous ancient temple in China, in front of which there are Feilai Peak, Cold Spring, Longhong Cave and precious rock cave arts and queer and varied natural caves and gullies 雷峰塔 Leifeng Pagoda is a tower by the West Lake in Hangzhou which was originally constructed in the year AD 975. It has been a popular tourist attraction since being rebuilt in 2002. 其他区域 (北)雁荡山 The Yandang Shan mountains,a breathtaking area with high peaks,bold rock formations,roaring waterfalls and rocky cliffs,lie northeast of Yueqing district in the southern part of Zhejiang Province. The highest mountain of the Yandang Shan range is 1,150 m entire massif covers an area of 400 km. 普陀山 Putuo Mountain, one of the Four Holy Buddhist Mountains, covers an area of 12.5 square kilometers. The highest peak, the Fudingshan Mountain is 300 meters high above the sea level. Temples, monasteries, nunneries are spread all over the remained ten ancient architecture complex and historical sights were built in Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing. Putuo Mountain once had 82 temples, 128 huts, accommodating 4,000 monk and nuns at its heyday.

文档 楠溪江 It is Nanxi River in Wenzhou. the river is beautiful. The rocks are grotesque. The trees on the beach are exuberant. It has unique old villages too. There are so many wonderful views here. the mountain is beautiful. The green trees on the banks are exuberant. The water in Nanxi River is limpid and clear. 西塘 Xitang is level,densely distributed with rivers and has a very quiet natural environment.9 rivers converge in this town,dividing it into 8 sections,but many bridges link this water town together(anciently called as “nine dragon old pearl”and“wind from 8 sides”).Inside the town,there are many well-preserved architectural groups constructed during the Ming and Qing dynasties,which boast a higher artistry and study value,thus being highlighted by the experts at home and abroad studying antique buildings. 南浔镇 Nanxun is located in the plains of northern Zhejiang Grand Canal, long fairways and South Lake Shen Xun river bordering the city the city, through the Nanxun things dongtiao River tributaries are the lifeblood of this town and symbolic. That the United Kingdom is the silk business lake Shanghai Waterway along the length upon dongtiao River into the Nanxun. 乌镇 Wuzhen lies at the north of Tongxiang City. This small town, with its black tiled and timber framework houses, contrasts sharply with its white walls and gray flagging, bringing to mind a Chinese ink and wash painting. The morning of Wuzhen starts with women washing clothes by the clear river and black wooden windows propped up. The river running through the town was once the main means of transportation for local people. 小桥流水人家 天一阁 The Tianyige Museum is take the book collection culture as a characteristic, melts the social history, art in a body's comprehensive museum, occupies a land area of 26000 square meters. The environment is quiet and tasteful, the botanical garden is fine, the building is plain, rich rich local characteristics. The entire distribution by the book collection culture area, the botanical garden leisure area, the exhibition display area three great merit energy region is composed

文档 4.文化遗产 良渚遗址 In the Backside of tombs,corpses and those buried with bead,it is splendid civilization book contacts ancients from the nearest distance,reveals the secrets buride in the past by digging layers of abundant precious cultural relics,unusual historical documents and the help of authoritative archaeologists,the book tells not only adventures of archaeological excavation but also splendid historical stories. 河姆渡文化 Situated at Hemudu Town, Yuyao City, Hemudu Site is one of the world-famous cultural sites of the Neolithic age, and belongs to a matriarchal commune 7,000 years ago. It was unearthed twice in 1973 and 1977 respectively, and its cultural relics amount to more than 7,000. 江南丝竹 Chinese classical music is the traditional art or court music of China. It has a long history stretching for more than three thousand years. It has its own unique systems of musical notation, as well as musical tuning and pitch, musical instruments and styles or musical e music is pentatonic-diatonic, having a scale of twelve notes to an octave as does European-influenced music. 桐乡蓝印花布 Tianmen Department of famous cotton Township, the development of blue cloth to create a very favorable conditions. 50 years, in the Fu River south of the street, there are nearly home dye workshop, hundreds of workers, Nissan blue cloth 10000, sold to Sichuan, Hunan, Jiangxi, Jiangsu and other provinces. 5.浙江特色 (1)杭州特产 杭州丝绸 西湖龙井 西湖藕粉 西湖绸伞 (2)地方风味 西湖醋鱼 龙井虾仁 干炸响铃 东坡肉 梅干菜焖肉 (3)风味小吃 鱼 丸 宁波汤圆 嘉兴粽子 云 南: 昆 明 1.简介 As one of China’s most diversified provinces, Yunnan is certainly one of China’s most alluring destinations. Yunnan is home to more than one third of China’s ethnic minorities and over half of the country’s plant

文档 and animal species. The province is blessed by its mixture of traditional folk cultures as well as breath-taking scenery. Kunming, Yunnan’s capital, resides at an elevation of 1890m and boasts a milder climate than most other Chinese cities. Celebrated as the "Spring City," Kunming has neither severe winters nor extremely hot summers and can be visited at any time of the year. 2.城市标志 市花--云南山茶 市树--玉兰树 建筑—金马碧鸡坊 3.云南艺术文化 蜡染 Batik is an ancient textile dyeing, batik process in ethnic minority areas in Guizhou, inherit and carry forward the traditional batik, and the prevalence is very broad, ethnic minority women's lives has become an indispensable form of art. 撒尼挂包 women with nature, love and fine hand sewing skills, is welcome domestic and overseas tourists to the embroidery is their masterpiece hang bag it is not only a kind of life appliance, is also a kind of elegant folk handicrafts, hang bag design and the skill, has picked strong ethnic characteristics and local color is hanged, yunnan minority representation of the package, was awarded the national tourism product award 云子 Go is a puzzle game, originated in China. Today, the population in Asia Go tens of millions of people in Europe and the United States, there are many people will go under. Go the rules is very simple, but with a very large space can Lazi, making Go changeable than the Chinese chess is more complicated. This is the charm of Go. Go the next set of time does not require, the fast five minutes, would slow the past few days, most of the time need to move to the next set 1-2 hours. 云南水果 Yunnan natural geographical condition is superior, the high mountain long water abundant precipitation, fertile soil, both tropical and subtropical climate temperate frigid ShiXian, various kinds of fruit, the four seasons is constantly, kunming street perennial have supply

文档 4.旅游景点 云南八大城市符号 1丽江古城 Lijiang City is a fairly large geographical area that comprises one district and four counties, including the Liijang new town, Dayan old town, Shuhe old town , Baisha old town , and parts of the Tiger Leaping Gorge. 2石林 The Stone Forest lies about 80 miles to the southeast of Kunming. A geological phenomenon, the Stone Forest was a vast expanse of sea during the Paleozoic era――some 270 million years ago. Later, the movement of tectonic plates altered the earth’s crust, causing the sea to recede and its limestone bottom to appear, thereby forming land. Due to the constant seeping of rain through the cracks in the limestone, some of the stone formation dissolved and the fissures broadened, producing a group of great sculptures of different shapes, all molded by nature. 3滇池 Known also as Kunming lake, Lake Dian is located at the foot of the Western Hills south-west of Kunming city in Yunnan Province. Being a bright and smooth highland lake, it's reputed as "A Pearl on the Yungui Plateau".The picturesque lake, dotted with sails, appears green and boundless and shining with ripples. Along its 150 kilometers long winding bank, lies numerous scenic spots and historical sites such as the Grand View Pavilion, West Garden, the Lake Embankment. 4玉龙雪山 Locating between 10004’-10016’east longitude and 2703’-2740’ north latitude, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Yulong Mountain) is the southernmost glacier in the Northern Hemisphere. 5泸沽湖 The lu buys the lake to be located the Yunnan Province rather county and the Sichuan 盐源 county border place, the areaapproximately more than 50 square kilometers, buys the lakeside in thelu to live an ancient nationality "Shangri-La" is a mystical, harmonious valley, gently guided from a lamasery, enclosed in the western end of the Kunlun Mountains. Shangri-La has become synonymous with any earthly paradise but particularly a

文档 mythical Himalayan utopia 7.茶马古道 For thousands of years, only humans and horses treaded the mountains of Southwest China as they followed an ancient pathway through the Chinese hinterlands and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. 8.西双版纳 Xishuangbanna is the southernmost prefecture of Yunnan Province. The prefecture is nicknamed "Aerial Garden" for its luxuriant and multi-layered primitive woods and tropical rain forests, which are teeming with animals and plants. 5,文化活动 傣族泼水节 彝族火把节 东巴文化 白族三月街 6.特色饮食,特产 过桥米线 鸡丝凉面 汽锅鸡 嘉华鲜花饼 红烧鸡枞 豆花米线 白族三道茶 普洱茶 (优质普洱呈红色)冬虫夏草 贵 州: 1.简介 Guizhou Province, referred to as "Qian" and "expensive" is a beautiful mountains and rivers, climate, resource rich nation a large number of inland mountainous province. Its name comes from the mountain with your name. Tang Guizhou Road; Song is Interpreting Road; yuan is Huguang province; next home Guizhou toast, 2,旅游景点 黄果树瀑布 he Huangguoshu Cataract is on the Baishui River of Zhenning county, Guizhou province, about 81 meters in width. It runs down in thundering splashes from the 68-meter-high cliff of the fault of the riverbed into the Rhinoceros Pool, where the water is made to surge with spray splashing. Seen from afar, the cataract is shrouded in a gauzy mist, looking like a flickering mirage. 梵净山 Fanjing Mountain (fàn jìng shān 梵净山) is the main peak of Wuling Mountain Range (wǔ líng shān mài 武陵山脉). It is 2572 meters above the sea level, situated in Tongren City (tóng rén shì 铜仁市), Guizhou

文档 Province (guì zhōu shěng 贵州省). Fanjing Mountain became one of China’s sacred Buddhist mountains in the 16th century, as famous as the Mount Emei (é méi shān 峨眉山), Wutai Mountain (wǔ tái shān 五台山), Mount Putuo (pǔ tuó shān 普陀山) and Jiuhua Mountain (jiǔ huá shān 九华山). 西江第一苗寨 Xijiang Town lies in the northeast of Leishan County, Guizhou Province. It is 81km from the capital of Kaili Prefecture. The Baishui Rever is running through the town where 12 villages are established. 织金洞 The chihkin hole scenic spot located at Guizhou Zhijin County within the boundaries, the old name “hits the chicken hole”, the area approximately is 307 square kilometers, is the state-level scenic spot area. Panoram discrimination for chihkin old city, chihkin hole, knot river canyon, Hong Village and so on four major parts. The chihkin hole is this scenic area essence, it is a scale which China discovered at present is grand, modelling unusual cavern resources treasure house. 黔剧 3.特色小吃 魔芋豆腐贵阳素粉遵义羊肉粉 广西: 1.简介 Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the peak forest development is the perfect tropical karst landforms typical. They flat out, Maria's momentum, the peculiar form. The most typical form, the scenery is beautiful Guilin, Yangshuo in the vicinity of the limestone peaks, was traveling home Xu Ming Dynasty as "Yu-Sun Bilian world." 2.旅游景点 叠彩山 It earned its name due to the fact that its fault layers look like pieces of piled brocades. Standing on the top of the hill, you will get a panoramic view of the city. 靖江王墓 The Jingjiang Mausoleum is located at the foot of Yao Mountain in the eastern suburb of Guilin. It is a mausoleum for a royal family - the Jingjiang Family in Ming Dynasty whose eleven generations were buried.

文档 Moreover, there are more than 300 tombs covering 100 square kilometers, making up the biggest ancient tomb group in south China. The well-preserved tombs have become important relics of culture and history in Guilin. 尧山 It rises sheer from the ground inside the palace in the center of the city. It has acquired a fame of "the Pillar Holding up the Southern Sky" because of its majesty. 七星公园 East of the Li River, Seven Star Park derives from the Seven Star Cave, is one kilometer away from the downtown. It occupies more than 40 hectares, which is the largest, most beautiful multiple park in Guilin. The park boasts of the green hills, crystal water, fantastic caves and beautiful rocks. 象鼻山 Elephant Trunk Hill in lijiang above, is ChengHui of guilin. In the mountain of lower left, there is a hole, is from the elephant's nose and left foreleg composition. Mountain posture is just like an elephant in river water. In lijiang river water suffuse, it again like the full moon, floating on the water-channel mirrorring. Elephant Trunk Hill flank and many scenic spots, such as: the love island, etc. 漓江 The Li River originates in the Mao'er Mountains in Xing'an Сounty and flows in the general southern direction through Guilin, Yangshuo and Pingle. In Pingle the Li River merges with two other streams, and continues south as the Gui River, which falls into the Xi Jiang, the western tributary of the Pearl River, in Wuzhou. 3.特色小吃 桂林马蹄糕 南宁瓦煲饭 老友面 螺蛳粉 广 东: 1.简介 The capital is Guangzhou. On coastal islands and adjacent mainland territories are Hong Kong and Macao. Guangzhou, an “open” economic city, is still the heart of the province, with a great range of manufactures. Zhanjiang, another “open” city, has grown significantly due to foreign trade and investment since the late 1970s. Three of the country's first four special economic zones were

文档 established in Guangdong, at Shantou, Shenzhen, and Zhuhai. 2.旅游景点 世界之窗Windows of the World Shenzhen owns a three-dimensional transportation network of sea, land and throughput of containers of Shenzhen port in year 2001 was up to 5.07 million TEUs, second only to Shanghai in China mainland, and ranking the eighth in the whole world. 中国历史文化名村 Chinese Folk Culture Villages Right next to Splendid China, the folk culture park dazzles with the histories and mysteries of the country''s ethnic groups. Scattering around the 180,000-sqm park are 24 villages built in 1:1 ratio, inhabited by real ethnic people who present their traditional arts, customs, languages and cuisines. 欢乐谷 Happy Valley This is a place for kids and families. Usually packed on weekends by families, the fun park offers more than 100 attractions ranging from the thrilling Space Shot to the lovely cartoon-themed events. It also holds daily performances of various themes. 五羊雕塑The Five-Ram Sculpture The Five-Ram Sculpture is one of the most famous structures in Guangzhou. It has become the emblem of Guangzhou City. Legend has it that more than land, and people suffered form famine. One day five in five-color garments came riding on five rams held sheaves of rice in their mouths. The immortals left the sheaves of rice for the Guangzhou people, gave blessings the city and left. The rams turned into the stone and the city of Guangzhou became a rich and populous place. Guangzhou got the name of the City of Ram and the City of Ears. 越秀山 Yuexiu Mountain liberation of the city of Guangzhou is located in the North, known as Kuan Yin Shan, now known as the Yuexiu Park. Guangzhou is the most comprehensive parks. Have Zhenhai Lou, Zhongshan Memorial, Wuyang stone, the Quartet, and other well-known historical fort. Before the beginning of the Zhenhai Lou Ming, known as the "five-story," is now open for the Guangzhou Museum. Yuexiu Park in three artificial lakes and recreational facilities. 孙中山故居 Sun Yat-sen has led the revolution agaist Qing dynasty and succeeded in

文档 1911. Then he founded the first republican regime in Chinese history. Although that regime soon fell into chaos, his achievement is still monumental. Fortunately for Sun and for China, his wills were eventually fulfilled. The Communista Party of China established the People's Republic of China in 1949 and now Chinese people enjoys peace, stability and prosperity just as Sun had wished. 白云山 Baiyun mountain ---It is the south famous mountain of Guangdong, it is the first , scenic spot of national 4A grade and national key scenic spot of new " eight scene in Guangzhou ". It lies in the Northeast of Guangzhou, is one of the south famous mountains of Guangdong, known as first show of Guangzhou from ancient times. 3.特色小吃 香葱芝麻饼 胡椒饼 广东虾饺 娥姐粉果 马蹄糕 广东肠粉


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